Hanmadang Prep Clinic

Poomsae Prep Clinic

Hosted by Poomsae World Champion AJ Muñoz

Contact: info@txtkd.org

The Texas State Taekwondo Association (TSTA) is excited to announce a virtual prep clinic for Poomsae in preparation for the Virtual Hanmadang over the 1st two weekends of May. Poomsae World Champion and fellow Texas athlete, AJ Muñoz will be hosting and leading the clinic.

The Hanmadang Prep Clinic will focus on Poomsae basics to sharpen your skills for the upcoming competition! The clinic will cover tips and tricks to help you perform your best in the Traditional, Sport, and Creative Poomsae divisions.

Registration Info:


The registration fee for this clinic is $40. If you register for the Texas State Taekwondo Association Virtual Hanmandang first, you will be emailed a discount code for $15 off.

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