Product Features and Pricing

Product Features

TourneyGo makes managing your tournaments quick and easy.  Check out our list of features that let you enjoy your tournament vs. juggling paper forms and/or worksheets.

Tournament Directors have two options available for setup: seminar and tournament.

For those only needing online registration support, payment management, event/division management, credential management, and the associated reporting the tournament option is the best.

For single price/event setup, the Seminar option is your better choice. Please keep in mind, you can setup multiple Seminars for a single training session or event without incurring additional charges. This allows you to offer different package pricing if needed.

Please see the product comparison below to see which features are included in each option.
Price - No setup fees, All prices are per sale.$2 per athlete*$5 per athlete*
Intuitive and Quick Sign UpYesYes
PayPal Integration - Immediate Payment to Tournament Director when registrations are paid.YesYes
PayPal allows for payment through credit/debit cards or PayPal Account#YesYes
Multiple Athletes may be registered per Sign UpYesYes
Register for one or multiple tournamentsYesYes
Flexible tournament pricing setup for tournament directorYesYes
Online Landing Page providedYesYes
Listing on Current Events on HomepageYesYes
Create/Choose Your Own Event(s)YesYes
Athlete management provided for Parents and CoachesYes
Tournament Director DashboardYesYes
Fee and Accounting ReportingYesYes
Custom Field Creation by User or Athlete; optional or requiredYeaYes
Spectator Ticket SalesYesYes
Coach Pass sales and managementNoYes
Dynamic Credential creation (Press, Media, VIP, or whatever you choose)YesYes
Spectator Ticket PrintingYesYes
Athlete/Particpant Dynamic Credential PrintingYesYes
Ability to Provide Coupon Codes using dollar or percentage offYesYes
Robust Tournament, Registration, and Event ReportingYesYes
Competition Setup for Each EventNoYes
Support for average/cumulative scoring and bracketingNoYes
Configurable Divisions by belt or belt grouping,
weight, age, and gender
On-site registration (Internet Connection Required)YesYes
Spectator Tickets (Add-On)*$1 per ticket$1 per ticket
Coach Pass Sales (Add-On)*$1 per pass$1 per pass
* The Tournament Director is responsible for PayPal fees. At time of publication, they are 2.9% + $0.30. There is an additional PayPal fee of $0.06 for Seminar/Registration Only or $0.15 for Full Tournament. This fee is assessed by PayPal to split the funding between the Tournament Director and TourneyGo. Prices subject to change.
# PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute as of the creation of this list. The list is subject to change at their discretion.
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