Our Story

Our Story

Bob with his MastersBob Lennard started his career as an IT developer for RadioShack. During his 18 year tenure, he grew his career to Senior Director of Applications and oversaw the entire application and software space. It was during this same time, he and his kids started Taekwondo. He knew quickly he’d found his new passion. All three of them went on to receive their black belts. Bob also went on to become a USA Taekwondo certified referee and coach.

Three years ago, Bob and his family made a life-changing decision. Bob decided to leave RadioShack, use his IT expertise and passion for Taekwondo to develop a business, and start out on a new adventure. When looking at the opportunities, Bob kept coming back to tournaments. Having been a parent volunteer and the Technology Chair for the Texas State Taekwondo Association, he quickly recognized a real gap in this software space.

Tournament directors needed better options for tracking and managing their tournaments. They needed tools to make registration setup quick and easy and let them focus on the tournament – not managing phone calls and emails. The parents and coaches also needed a better process on their end. They need the ability to setup athletes one time and then just manage the minor changes like weight and belt going forward. They also should be able to setup and register multiple athletes as once versus repeated registrations to cover all the kids or the entire team.

That was the genesis of TourneyGo. Bob is focused on delivering tools and options to directors, coaches, and parents alike. Parents and coaches need to ensure their tournament experience is smooth so they can focus on enjoying the events and coaching their athletes.  Tournament Directors don’t need the headache of trying to manage registration, tons of paper, and the intricacies of bracketing when they could be focused on the tournament itself.

Special thanks to Candor Apps! Without their development and project management support, we would not have been able to get here. If you need solid IT development and project management support, I would recommend them highly.